Judah Schuster, LNHA

Judah’s decade of healthcare administration experience is apparent in his leadership ability with the Marquis team. His empowerment of each employee to be perform at their maximum, is one of the trademarks of Marquis. Judah has spoken nationwide on topics ranging from Dementia, customer service, leadership and more. Marquis is a proud recipient of this wealth of knowledge.

Rachel Femiano

Director of Recruitment
Rachel is a strategic human resource leader that delivers talent solutions and results that support business goals. She has more than a decade of experience specializing in finding talent. Rachel is an accomplished leader with extensive experience with progressive growth in managing all aspects of recruiting.

Deena Hammer

Director of Operations
With her years of experience in healthcare and staffing, Deena leads her team with expertise and care. Her passion for helping others ensures our residents can remain at home, in a safe environment with their loved ones while being properly cared for. She has worked to implement processes and procedures to build a department that can successfully pair our residents with the best caregivers we have to offer. Her guidance, knowledge and care make her an integral member of our team.

Rachel Iyageh

Director of Patient Services
Rachael Iyageh brings about 15 years of healthcare experience to Marquis Home Care. Her experience spans from home healthcare, mental health, substance abuse/chemical dependence, case management and managed long-term care. Rachael is dedicated and passionate about her work. Rachael believes that caring is central to nursing and that a caring environment promotes health and allows anyone to develop to their full potential.

Aryeh Gorelick, CPA

Aryeh is a Certified Public Accountant who received a Master’s Degree in Accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2014. He spent five years in public accounting before going private and joining Marquis. Aryeh oversees and maintains the accounting system and reporting, cash flow and overall financial health of the company.

Theresa Morgan

Director of Human Resources
Theresa Morgan has an extensive career in non-profit organizations, servicing older adults, families and children. She has a passion for helping and mentoring individuals to ensure they are working as a team in a nurturing environment. Theresa received her degree in business administration through Iona University. She attended graduate school at Mercy University, earning her degree in Human Resources Management. Theresa volunteers at a rescue shelter and is a “Big Sister” for the Big Brothers Big Sister Program in Westchester. Theresa enjoys swimming, yoga and family time for relaxation.

Kayla Scheuttig

Director of Employee Compliance
Kayla is a key figure in our organization responsible for ensuring the company adheres to relevant laws, regulations and industry standards. Kayla develops and implements compliance programs, policies, and procedures to mitigate risks and maintain legal and ethical integrity.

Hennie Fasten

Director of Payroll
With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for numbers, Hennie ensures that every employee is compensated accurately and on time. Her dedication keeps our team motivated, and her expertise keeps our finances in order. We're grateful to have her on our side, making sure everything adds up perfectly.

Lely Eastwick

Office Manager
Lely brings more than 25 years experience in higher education to Marquis Home Care. As former VP of Operations for Eastwick College, she developed and honed her outstanding organizational, directorial and leadership skills. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Concordia College. Her commitment to excellence and highly effective management style, combined with her warmth and genuine concern for staff and clients alike, makes Lely an invaluable member of the Marquis Home Care team.

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