Gregg Rosen, MPA

Gregg brings over 15 years of business management and operations experience to Marquis Home Care. He received his undergraduate degree from Queens College and his Master’s Degree in Health Care & Public Administration from LIU Post. His leadership abilities and business acumen have helped lead Marquis into significant growth and an increased quality of care delivered to all of their clients.

Bassie Friedman, MSED
Director of Business Development

Bassie has taken her experience and talents as a business owner/entrepreneur and expert in the field of Special education for over 20 years and brought it to the world of home and health care. With a Masters in Special Education from the College of Staten Island, Bassie lends her unique blend of enthusiasm, energy and care to her everyday interactions with staff and clients.

Chani Friedmann, RN, BSN
Director of Patient Services

Chani received her Bachelors of Science and Nursing from University of Detroit Mercy and has practiced in the nursing field for over 20 years.  She has worked in a wide variety of settings and in three countries. Her diverse experience has driven her focus on developing systems to support excellence in employees and patient care.

Ari Ungar

Ari brings over 20 years of experience in financial management coupled with years of practice in the Healthcare Industry. In the past, Ari served as the controller of a therapy group, managing its billing and financial books. As the CFO at a long-term pharmacy, he also monitored its day-to-day operations.

Malky Grunwald
Director of Coordination

Malky has been in service coordination for many years. She was appointed director of our service coordination team for her exceptional ability to run operations efficiently and seamlessly. Malky’s calm demeanor and competence makes her an outstanding leader. Her dedication to pleasing clients, nurses and aides make dealing with Marquis Home Care a wonderful experience.


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